Hail Repairs

Aldonga Dent Doctor is a Hail Repair Specialist that is recognised by all insurance companies. Aldonga Dent Doctor travels to all parts of the country at the request of insurance companies in the case of a hail event.

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR (as commonly known in the industry) is the preferred method of repair as only in some minor cases does the vehicle require painting and it also eliminates the need to replace major components of the vehicle (eg: turret [roof]) as you can imagine this greatly reduces the cost of repairs and also dramatically reduces the duration of time you are without your vehicle.

Not only is this form of repair used for hail damage but is very convenient for those annoying little bumps that occur in parking your vehicle at shopping centres and the like.

You will be amazed at what our PDR technicians can do. With tools and techniques constantly upgraded we believe, we are ahead of the pack.